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Writing Exercises: Write A Letter To Someone Who Will Never Read It

Write a letter to someone who will never read it.

To my Uncle who was never born,

Ow, Sir, pic is unrelated. Although that [she] is one of my favorite characters in one of the anime I am hook right now.

By the way, how have you been Unc? You might be wondering how in the world I knew about you. Well, they introduced you to me when I was 7 or probably younger. They told me little stories about your fleeting life–and that you are in heaven right now. That’s alright, Unc. I couldn’t be much happier for you up there.

Unc, every time I am looking at you, I wish you did grow up at the same time with Dad, Tito Arnold and Tito Jim. I wish I have known you even just for a while.. but that would be sadder, at least on my mind’s perspective, as either one of us will be taken from each other–by Death.

Uncle, it’s very lame of me telling you all these things so I have one favor to ask you. Along with all of my pet dogs, I want you to be the one escorting me when my time comes. I’ll probably forget about this favor thing but make me remember, please. And in return, I will tell you stories about all your pamangkins.

I remain,

Your awesome nephew ~Akso Rojas ;]

43 Comments to “Writing Exercises: Write A Letter To Someone Who Will Never Read It”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear someone who will never read this,

    I’ve known you for a while but we started hanging out and becoming friends back in November. I thought I’d been missing out, since you and I share a lot of the same interests and experiences – both of us love video games, music, anime, etc. You inspired me to start playing the piano. In a lot of ways we’re a lot alike. So when I got drunk and told you we have the same crush, you acted like you were cool with it. I was embarrassed as hell but i was ready to go back to just being friends because I still thought you were a great guy.

    Instead, you acted like everything was cool, but at the same time you completely ignored me. You said “we’re bros for life” and made me feel like I had finally found someone who understood me as a person. Now it’s as if I don’t exist and it’s back to us being acquaintances.

    I regret ever thinking you were a great guy. You’re a selfish asshole with self-esteem issues. You play the piano just because you hope it’ll get you laid. You never have anything positive to say about anything, since you’ve turned sarcastic thanks to your jerk roommates. You don’t even know who you are, and good luck impressing a girl with your Super Smash Bros. skills. I never want to see you again, but I’m stuck because we’re in the same group of friends. I’ll be polite but I won’t be your “bro”.

    Fuck you,


  2. Struck says:


    You’re the first girl I liked since I moved back here. I know you’re no good, but I’m still thinking about you. In a way I guess it would have been nice if I hadn’t met you, but I had so much fun that night.

    I just don’t know what you fucking want. Also stop talking about your god damn Mr. Perfect. Also stop your fucking games. Its clear that there’s something between us, just (wo)man the fuck up and accept it.

  3. suomynona says:


    We looked like we were becoming good friends, and because you are so godamn hot, I wanted to add benefits to the friendship. I’m sorry I got so fucking drunk and acted like a sleeze on wednesday, you deserve better than that. All the same, I’m not in love with you and I’m backing right off so stop acting like I’m a godamn stalker.


  4. asdafdas says:

    Dear Jennifer,

    Your a bitchy whiny christfag bisexual butchdyke that nobody likes unless they have half the nerdy interests you have. I thought we could understand and love eachother, but your a cunt.


  5. asfjaopfdhaofh says:

    Hey Marvie,

    I’m really sorry for what I did to you. You are everything I wanted in a girl minus the looks. Fuck me for being such a shallow asshole and fuck me for ditching you as my first friend. The only reason its hard for me to reconnect with you is because of what I did and for that I am truly sorry. Do not give up on love, not everyone in the world is a insensitive shallow asshole.

    I want to say this to you though, not everyone is out to get you. Since we’ve grown distant I’ve noticed that you only act differently to intentionally be different from everyone else and not because you’re an individual. Partially my fault I guess, but stop pushing people away that want to get to know you. Also lower your standards a bit, don’t turn away every guy that likes you. You are a really interesting person to be around.

    Anyway, I wish you the best in everything you do.

  6. Dear Friend, says:

    We should hang out some time.

    I’ve tried my hardest to get over you, as I do value your friendship. I thought we were cool when you told me you weren’t interesting, then we had that 6 hour long chat about everything, and then I realised I’d found my soulmate.

    Sorry if I seem to avoid you, it just tears me apart when I look at you, it scares the hell out of me. I’m going to do my best to move on but it might take a little time.

    Your friend

  7. Dear Whole World! says:

    I’m really fucking hate you and i wish you will die in pain.


  8. The Guy says:

    Dear Anonymous girl i know,

    Why do i love you? You live where i will never be able to go to. This is very confusing and sad as i will never ever see you in my lifetime. I don’t feel the way i do about anyone else but you and i wish i didn’t have to feel this way because it’s too painful for me

    From Anon with love. :<

  9. :) says:

    Dear, Me.
    I guess i can stop here.
    Signed, Me

  10. Letters says:


    I’ve been creeping your online presence for years since you threw away our six year relationship and up and married that piece of shit with a rich daddy. It was fun, feeling kind of connected to you despite my oath to never speak to you again but learning that you went from being a monogamist to being into some sick fuck cuckolding relationship has completely turned me off of further reloading of your profiles every five minutes.

    Seriously, how could I have ever loved you? Your entire sexuality was based on power dynamics and flaunting your sensuality to make men desire you. THat’s fucking repulsive. Fuck off and die.

  11. Get The Crap Out says:

    Why is pretty much every letter in here about a woman? It’s almost as if you faggots think they’re the center of the universe or something.

    • Get The Crap On says:

      Women make straight guys fall in love with them and then break their hearts. Most guys are straight.

      • Get The Crap Out says:

        The fact that you still believe in love tells me that you’re in the sixteen to twenty four age bracket. Your opinion is invalid, love is not real.

        • Get The Crap On says:

          Sucks to be you dude.

        • Get The Crap Stick says:

          Love exists, just not in any kind of cosmic or metaphysical sense. It’s a feeling. It’s about trust and caring about someone and being yourself. I guess not everyone has experienced it.

  12. To Me From Me says:

    Dear me at three years old.

    If you give a mouse a cookie will still be your favorite book in 2011.

  13. Crap Letter says:

    Dear A,

    I miss you more then you can know. You went away to CA two months ago and there hasnt been a night that I havent thought about you. I thought i was playing the game well by waiting to fuck you and by telling you “lets wait until you get back from LA” to date.

    And now you’re back and we dont even talk and it kills me. You’re the most beautiful women I’ve ever met and I can’t believe i fucked it up with you.

    I must be love drunk because i’ve been doing terrible at work, i cant sleep and i cant stop looking at your facebook. I really blew it and I want one more chance to steal you away.


  14. 4T says:

    Get a job you useless fucks! Quit complaining about money and just grab the first thing that comes up. Oh and stop obsessing about guns, if someone is gonna kill you, no doubt you’d be dead before they got a shot off. Finally, stop being such a pompous ass, and know it all, you’re just pissing people off.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Dear Lauren Vetter,

    I’ve had quite the crush on your for sometime, ever since middle school. I think you are a very beautiful woman, and I would have loved to get to know you, take you out on the town and be alone with you. But things never worked out that way, i was too shy and we never related to eachother: at least, not how it could have been.

    Its ok though, I feel things are better this way, because I always have the image of a beautiful woman in my head. Though I’m not sure why you would marry someone at 23 years old, I hope you and your husband have an amazing life together in new york: I wish you only happiness and vitality through your years. You are a beautiful woman.

    As i continue my adventure in finding a wonderful woman for myself, I must always consider how they smile like you.

  16. Another Anon says:

    Dear Cadan,
    I love you. I know I fucked stuff up and I couldnt leave him, but I knew it wouldnt work out between us and I wasnt ready to fuck over a 2 year relationship for a chance with you when I knew that you’d find a hotter girl.
    You hate me now, you never speak to me, hell, you blocked me off everyting.
    I’m sorry I didnt risk it all for you, I should have and I know that.
    You’re all I think about now. I just wish I could of seen you were the nice guy.
    Then again, if its so easy to turn around and say you hate me and call me a stalker etc.. maybe you never loved me in the first place. Maybe I chose right.

  17. Name Withheld says:

    dear guy.
    we would’ve been together for a year now, had you not dumped me 2 weeks ago.
    and by the way,
    the concept of being friends does NOT include still being as controlling, manipulative, and abusive as you still were during our relationship. and remember all those people you told me to remove from my life last week, and threatened me/angered at me about to force me into doing as you wanted? well i still talk to them. lots.
    and FYI, the cutting that we had managed to make me quit last summer? yea. well i started up again, all to deal with your bullshit.
    i want you out of my life.
    stop talking to me, stop calling me,
    and goddamn, we aren’t together anymore,
    so PLEASE stop trying to control me.

    i know i was more dependant on you than anything, considering you ruined everything good that was in my life, which is why it’s gonna take me a while to get over you.
    please stop making it harder on me by trying to tell me you still love me.

  18. anonymouse says:

    Dear someone who will never read this,

    i smile, nod, agree to pretty much everything you say. when people ask me, “dude are you in love or something?” i simply say yes. however, i really want someone better than you. it’s sad and selfish but i think i deserve better. i’m not gonna bullshit you or myself and say that we’re just not meant to be, because destiny is something people can bend, destiny is malleable to an individual’s will. but, i did not try to love you. all i did was lie to you and to myself that this is what’s best for both of us. at first that’s what i really thought, but then now, when i see your face and your smile, when i smell your scent, when i hear your voice and your laugh, when you touch me, i just wanna puke and be teleported to another place. you are a nice girl. just not nice enough for me. now i’m being honest, cause you will never read this. tomorrow, we’ll have a date again, watch a movie, talk and play this game called our relationship. and you will never know my deep dark thoughts, because whenever you see me, you see the guy you fell in love with,, not knowing, that that guy, fell out of love for you.

    i’m sorry.


  19. Read Down says:

    Dear girl-I-know-from-school

    ever since 1st year, I’ve been absolutely crazy about you….I’ve done incredibly stupid things to try to have more things in common with you, sent you things thats completely out of character to me. But when we had that conversation and turns out you wanted to only date a person of your own nationality only. It crushed me. I’ve tried to move on, but we have the same major, we end up having quite afew classes together. I know you dont feel for me, and perceive me just as a friend. However I dont. It’s been a while since we’ve met. I wasnt kept in contact with you in the summer at all, and I Saw you in 2 of my classes last semester but never approached you because I was going through personal problems and I didnt want to show how deteriorated/depressed I was. But turns out…we commute together on a certain day, but you still I see friend-zone me, you have a b/f which I would punch in the face if I ever met btw..so dont ever let me meet him. And theres nothing I would like more than sit besides you and just talk like I did 1st year..about random crap…but of course, you rather sit with some chinese chick who you’ve known for 2 weeks..

    Anyway, the jist of the message is, I know I can never be with you so fuck you, and although I will continually to act like a ‘friend’ who’s nice and all, I wish for nothing more than your friends and especially your b/f to die from cancer. Yes, I’m jealous.

    Sincerely, the person you know considering how specific my examples were if you ever read this.

  20. Anonymous says:

    dear half brother who doesn’t know that I exist,

    It’s cool that you’re really successful, but the reason I don’t want to introduce myself to you isn’t because I’m a poorfag and you got all the advantages of having the rich daddy that ran out on me before my first birthday. It’s because you post shit on your twitter like “New Kanye is da bomb” and on post the latest shitty fantasy book you’ve read on librarything and I have no interest in talking to a wigger or a ren faire fag. However, recently you posted a cute quote from a female relative and I kind of want to start talking to you in hopes you’ll introduce me and sweet sweet wincest will happen between her and I because I always fall for girls who look a lot like me.

    your secret brother

  21. Anonymous says:

    Dear chick Ive met 1 week ago.

    You do not seem to realize how advanced I am in terms of playing with words to manipulate. I sincerely apologize for psychologically mindfucking you and make you desperately long to be with me in the very long run when my only desire is to treat you like the filthy whore you are, use you, get my satisfaction and then leave. I’m an asshole. The fact that you seem to want to send more increasing revealing pictures without myself asking, the fact that you messaged me 12 different fucking times when I’m at school is indicative of that. The more you talk with me, the more I’ll mindfuck you and entrance you that I’m the only one for you, only to leave. I’m like that. I’m a sadist. Live with it.

    Sincerely ~Anon

  22. afpsihdfiah says:

    dear emily,

    As I’am now im not good enough for you. I promise that i’ll be the man you need one day. I hope you can wait for me til then if not i understand. whenever you need me ill be there for you. Theres no way to explain why my feelings for you run so deep, probably because your smile brightens my days and your presence gives me peace.

    sincerly, anon

  23. Anonymous says:

    Dear Fiona
    I’ve secretly loved you since I ever laid my eyes on you back in grade 1, I wasnt fluent in English then, so I never could muster up or have the words to tell you how I truly felt. I still remember the days where we played ball just laughing and being in your group just telling jokes and having fun, sitting besides you. Grades go by, and its grade 6, youre in your first relationship, now i’m fluent in english but we went separate ways. You became the most popular girl/smartest girl in school. I became the smart asian kid who did not want to associate with chicks, which is true..but my feelings for you still always lingered. I was in your science group…and the most we interacted, the more close I felt and I was just about to confess when just days prior you got into your 2nd relationship.. That was the last time really…I shared a class with you…. Fast forward, high school, there was a reason why I skipped out on IB program just so in the offchance that I could just have a class with you..but when that they didnt happen, I know at that point, I was just another stranger…and that I felt you didnt know who I was either…So I went through self-improvement, Ive shed tons of weight, built muscle, won tons of scholar awards..to maybe try to look good for yourself and maybe that you’d notice me….Of course..that never happened.
    Now, at this point, I’m a stranger, you dont know me. I’m just “some person”….but you are still the one I would give everything up for, the one that I will always love….

    Sincerely ~some asian kid

  24. Anonymous says:

    Dead EX GFs

    Im really glad i broke it off with every one of you bitches because most of you were fucking crazy. However, i did learn a lot of things from each of you about fake love. You know, that short term puppy love shit that is more of an obsessive love, wether it be on my side of the relationship or yours. Even though my heart seemed to be shattered six ways til sunday i think im a stronger person and definitely no longer te naive bitch i use to be. So thanks for that. But your all still fucking crazy. Hopefully ill find the right person soon, and if not at least now i know how to deal with all the bullshit so i dont end up in a street corner broke as fuck with a broken heart.

    Sincerely, That dude you went out with that one time for a while

  25. Anonymous says:

    Dear XXXX,

    I am so glad we got to spend that time together hiking. It gave me time to think, and I really think I love you. I really hoped that we could make it work. I understand why you want to go away…I guess I will just get married and hide my feelings forever.


  26. Me says:

    To Whom it May Concern,

    Please can I have a puppy?


  27. Alec says:

    Dear World,

    I somehow failed at appreciating you for the first two decades of my short, short life. Please accept my sincerest apologies and heartfelt commitments to making this planet achieve it’s full potential.

    I Love

  28. Vajarl says:

    Fuck anonymity.

    Dear Ninja from the office,

    I was so sure that if I ever get the chance to know you, I’d fall in love head over whatever skin I have below my heels. When I first saw you you reminded me of someone I fell in love with years ago. Only, your smile was brighter. You smile screams “fall in love with me”.

    I was embarrassed when I realized that you found out that I have been checking on you for a while. I figured that out when I saw you staring at me even if we didn’t know each other. I stared back, I looked straight into your eyes. Both of us were not even blinking. It was weird. It gave me goosebumps.

    It’s sad that I have to leave without even getting introduced to you. We have a lot of common friends. I know we would’ve been great together if only we had the chance.

    I never even get the chance to say goodbye.

    So goodbye, my hallway ninja. I will always regret not knowing you.



  29. grace says:

    dear ariel,

    I hate you for giving me this so much pain!!
    I hate how I loved you,
    I hate how I felt,
    I hate everything you said,
    That made my heart melt.
    I hate how you said you loved me,
    I hate that I thought it was true
    I hate that I let my wall down
    And let myself fall in love with you…
    I hate how I still love you,
    I hate how I still care,
    But most of all that I hated is…
    That you are no longer here :-(

    Just tell me to stop loving you …
    I know I can’t stop this feeling
    because u taught me how to value myself
    but i’ll try kif that makes you happy

    I just want to say thank you..
    We have shared so much together
    Laughter . . . good times . . . and especially tears;
    Yet sometimes we can’t turn back time
    We must walk away, and allow ourselves to heal

    Thanks din dahil kahit kunyari lang pinakilala mo ako sa family that I am your girl
    super saya ko non kasi kahit kunyari lang nafill ko pagwelcome nila sakin..
    super bait nila..mga kapatid mo papa mo and mama mo pati mga pinsan mo
    sobrang saya ko kapag nagkukwento sina kuya chad skin..mga cinasabi mga kamag anak and mama mo bout skin
    Akala ko kasi pipintasan nila ako hehehe
    I love you the way i love myself
    but its to late to say this.Sorry sorry sorry
    i know its all my fault kaya nangyari to pero angdaya mo eh
    dimo ko binigyan ng another chance para maging mabuting girlfriend sayo

    If you need someone to lean on,I’m just here willing to help you..isang text or tawag lang hehehe
    lam mo namang malakas ka skin eh..pero alam ko di mo gagawin yun taas ng pride mo eh hehe
    Susubukan kong kalimutan ka pero di ako mangangako…sobrang mahal kasi kita pero dika na happy sakin kaya dapat
    ko yung tanggapin…So friends???sa ngayon pag may nakikita akong kausap mo na nakikita kong masaya ka nasasaktan ako pero
    kailangan ko ipakita n strong ako para d ako kaawaan..Ingat ka lagi ha

    di ibig sabbihin gumawa ako letter dina kita lalapitan..Just want to express my feelings..oppsss walang korekan ng grammar ha hehe,,,wala daw perpektong sulat kaya pagtyagaan mo na


  30. J. Kulisap says:

    Dear You,

    Habulin mo ako. Tatakbo na ako.

    Ay lilipad pala.


  31. Ate Joyo says:

    My Dear,

    Hindi ko alam ang pangalan mo kasi hindi ko alam kung girl o boy ka… Kumusta ka? Sana sa next life ko mapangalanan na kita.


  32. lio loco says:

    Dear Dude,

    There is not much to say except I love you.

    I could have started this letter with quotes of romantic philosophers past or with amorous words woven to signify my longing for you but I didn’t. I could have drowned it with the mellifluous music of my tongue, the rare gift of speaking in shades of Shakespearean flirting but I couldn’t. For what is the sense of it all if doing so will just confine the immeasurable affection of my heart in something that is exact and calculable?

    Sometimes I hate it when words diminish the value of my true feelings. I despise the fact that when emotions are written, they tend to become small and finite and insignificant. They shouldn’t be; for the human being’s emotions are far more infinite. They are rare and transcendent, eclipsing the concepts of time and space continuum.

    But I have no choice. I have no alternative but to ultimately write what I feel. I write regardless of words not always being genuinely commensurate with the emotions that I bear. Because I cannot continue to hold back the strong feeling.

    And so this dear dog-eared love letter.

    I love you because of your sweetness, your thoughtfulness, your ever buoyant spirit that never dampens my day. Your eyes, ever soulful with their long lashes, never fail to entice me, to remind me that I am one fuckin’ lucky bastard for having a charming pretty woman like you. Your smile takes the moroseness out of my grouchy being, helping me take the weight of all the stress and pressure our fuckin’ audit shit job has to offer.

    I love you because you always make me feel special, you always make me feel that I am, in the truest sense of the word, your boyfriend. Even if I struggle to gain poundage and sculpt those six-pack abs in my belly, your mere support and comforting words are enough to assure me that you will never cease to be my girlfriend and I your most cherished man. That no matter what happens, whether I remain to be the distant doppelganger of your long-time ectomorphic Japanese crush, I continue to be your most beloved Sena-kun and you my most beautiful Minami-chan.

    I love you because of our wanton walks at the Ayala pavement during after-work rush hour, our hands clasped within each other, our fingers locked in longing, ignoring the unsolicited curiosity bordering to aversion of faceless passersby. Pretty much the same ignorance we choose to invoke whenever our lips lock before you finally bid goodbye, whenever we half-French kiss amidst the hustle and bustle of Makati metropolis at dusk, in spite of the shock and/or awe of hoarse jeepney barkers and passengers in queue and drivers in their sweaty polo shirts.

    I love you because you chose me over him. That, at a time when six years meant a strong tower built of bricks that cannot be easily toppled down, you chose to weigh things based on how you felt and not how long you felt it. That in a contest where he obviously had the advantage, you opted to merit points not by social standards but by your own rules.

    I love you because of the fuckin’ sentemotional love song shit played at the fast food chain the very first time I told you how I felt about you. I could not remember the song anymore but I sure as hell could vividly picture how we both laughed our fat asses off for having my confession complimented with such fucked up cheesy melody.

    I love you for saying I love you for the very first time during your birthday, which meant you consented to being my girlfriend and our relationship finally becoming definitive at last. More than anything else, I savored the day our euphoric love caused our fates to be inevitably entwined, our growing love for each other going stronger and becoming ever more passionate.

    I love you for the guts to post a more intimate us in your Facebook wall when everybody else was clueless about the true status of our relationship. At the time when all of our colleagues are pestering us with questions, you merely returned that most demure smile and neither confirmed nor denied the existence of our boy-girl relationship. But in the grand tradition of pictures worth a thousand words, your nerve jolted them with the much-speculated answer in the form of your Facebook images.

    I love you for all the text messages we send to each other almost simultaneously, giving us the gift to gather we surely are meant for each other because we think the same way, because we are compatible, because no matter how remotely possible it may seem, we are two soul mates meant for each other’s sweetness and sighs.

    I love you for texting me incessant I love you’s and Good night Dude‘s even if at times I could not return your sweet notes because I had no Pop who regularly provides me SMS loads every day. XD

    I love you for the early morning breakfast of seafood-flavored Nissin cup noodles we shared intimate moments with.

    I love you for the mug of water we share an indirect kiss with.

    I love you for almost always buying me extra rice because you wanted me to get fat.

    I love you for the sweet smell of your hair.

    I love you for trying your best to laugh at my lamest-slash-corniest Knock Knock jokes.

    I love you for always attaching the handsome adjective when you call me with our term of endearment.

    I love you because, as cliche as this may sound, you complete me, because you bring out the best me.

    I love you because whenever I’m with you, I feel that I am the luckiest man in this whole fuckin’ universe.

    I love you because there’s no one else I could imagine spending my lifetime with other than you.

    I love you for just being you.

    For all these and more, I love you and will continue to be maddeningly in love with you for as long as this heart beats for your being.

    XOXO, Dude

  33. jeson says:

    teka kinikilabutan pa ko…

    teka gagawa ako. wait

  34. jeson says:

    dear ex.

    baket mo ko inadd sa facebook?

    chineck ko tuloy account mo. nakita ko may hawak kang baby. at kinakamusta sa comments kung okey ba kayo ng anak mo.

    baket anak mo lang

    wala rin akong nakitang asawa mo sa pic.

    single mom ka ba? kasi pwede akong maging dad ng anak mo. pero syempre gagawa din tayo.

    ikaw nga siguro yung matagal ko ng hinahanap. ulet. kaya di pa ko ng kakaserious gelpren since naging tayo.

    sana magreply ka na sa messages ko sa fb.

  35. sows says:

    Dear My One True Love

    8 longs years and still I wanted to be with you. Been inloved and been loved but only yours I extol. Pride strikes whenever your bows and arrows hit me. I will never be needy, never. The naive of you sojourn by the thoughts of being with me. I failed to turn around. And when I did? I began the art of waiting, even for nothing.

    I LOVE YOU. I’ve loved you. Wish I can say the second. Lethe be the answer. By then, I’ll promise to be happy.

    If being with you means dying, I’ll succumb twice as much to fulfuill that glorious death to be with you in either in heaven or hell as long as with you. If and only I could turn back time. And no, time can’t heal. A so-called closure might.


  36. sows says:

    To the friend who told me he love me but court another woman slash workmate and will soon walk down the aisle,

    Are those eyes of yours that can’t look at mine mean something? I’m bothered, really. Should I or not come to your wedding? Oh wait, am I invited?


  37. Dorm Boy says:

    Makasulat nga rin ng letter to someone who can also not read my letter. Let’s see the feeling…

  38. elpidio says:

    My dearest wife,
    I hope to see you soon, until next time we meet I will tell to you something that i did not say so. Because you did not ask me that why?. If you have time to read my letter to you. Please understand me na lang. oke.

    Lovingly yours,
    It’s me.