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I Approve Kids Talking to Strangers
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I went online on a chat platform to search for help.

I am looking for someone whom I can ask for downloads of esper-related e-books and virus-attack downloads (to bring down a website). And those people whom I consider to be of help are offline/idle at that time.

A stranger popped me a message asking about DNA ~and so I answered. The stranger with astonishment said that I am one of those people whom she asked randomly that is able to answer what DNA is. And so I thought every Pinoy kids who reached high school can answer such. It’s a no-brainer.

She was a stranger. An eight-year old kid. Not that I am a pedophile but I am amused that someone would go over the internetz challenging people of their primary-schooling knowledge.

Yeah, we talked things over. From climate change to my relationship status and my deathwish. She asked about where I live but I refused to give my personal details, after all, she was just a kid. She was quite a pain in the neck though asking me for my details until she get a little annoyed on me. She bid goodbye and redirected me to a website– and since I am dead bored, I checked the URL she gave me.


I am actually searching for a website where I can stalk the D3PO chronicles of Dan Brown and a website where I can download Asian movies with English subtitles. Mind you, I didn’t tell the little girl any thing about my search for independent movies and anime– but this little girl, unintentionally, let me find the way where I want to go to. The anime movie I have been long searching for is in that website with HD quality.

Did I find that person or did that person find me? Or is that what you call~ serendipity?! Well, accidentally, I found the right person who’ll give me something I needed– and that is to spice up ‘my’ boring rest day. And I found myself lucky that the first time I went online to chat and considering all the strangers on my list, there is this someone who can lighten up my day.

I finished watching the movie last night. And yes, I dare tell you that the movie isn’t good.

But it’s worth it ~ finding someone who will make me realize that I should watch movies once in awhile.

And make me believe in fairy tales again.


42 Comments to “I Approve Kids Talking to Strangers”

  1. Vajarl says:

    Wait, what? You want to bring down a website? Next thing I will find out about you is you want to take over the whole universe! Why don’t you leave that up to me? I am actually working on it right now.

    Dioxyribo Nucleic Acid. I don’t know if I spelled it correctly, or if I separated the words the way they should be, but I believe that’s what DNA stands for.

    And how sure are you that she was just a kid? The internet is vast enough to even contain pathetic pedophiles who pretend to be kids to get ‘playmates’ online. But then again, I might just be paranoid.

    And even over the internet, I am not approachable. So the chance of me bouncing off stuff with a stranger seems pretty slim. I guess I will never know what I could miss.

    Hey, Ax! :)

  2. wolf says:

    I am an eight year old girl. Blah blah. I know DNA.

  3. mangpoldo says:

    marami din akong nakakachat na ganyan. mga bata. pero pinagkaiba lang sila ang nakikipaglaro sa akin. may pinapaclick silang website tapos makikita ko na silang nakaunderwear lang. ansaya lang. hehe

  4. Joyo says:

    anong movie keya yun hmmmmmmmmmmm…

  5. jeson says:

    haha! ang galing naman ng batang si Eurika. Parang erika lang ang name no?

    sa tumblr nakalimutan ko na kung ano yung site na may random kang makakachat? ano nga ulet yon hehehe natry ko yun mga 2 times pero out ng out ang kausap ko. di ata makaintindi ng bakubakuenglish.

    teka may alam kong paraan para ma down ang site. mag link ka ng mga virus. marami akong stock dito. mga meniniko, hot/cold, new folder.exe

  6. ODDBLOOD says:

    i like talking to strangers. it’s fun. but not through chat. i always feel awkward doing it.

  7. Pong says:

    kuya ax sana sinabi mo para habang nanonood ka ng movie (na matagal mong hinahanap) ay napadalhan kita diyan ng C3 Jollibee all the way from Riyadh hehehe.
    Matatalino or should I say madaming alam na ang mga kids ngayon, lalo na kung may total access sila sa net and others.

    add mo ako sa ym mo kuya ax =)

  8. Esmina says:

    WaAaH! BoPoLs aKo paGdaTinG sa NeT…

    NaALaLa kO pA, TinUtuRuAn LanG akO daTe nAng baTanG taMbAy sA iNteRneT shOp, kuNg pAanO Mag hAck nG fArMviLe, wEhHehehE..

    aGrEe aKo diTo.. iBa nA mgA kabAtaAn nGayUn… MadAmi nA nGa siLanG aLam … (daPat nANg iTumBa.. tNt!!)

  9. jeson says:

    spam yung isang comment ko. wah

  10. bluguy says:

    links…not-so-ordinary-links…imitation of real life…

    …something happened on my way to the school..

    …coincidence or mere luck?

    …accident or things are bound to happen..

    …baka naman destiny?

  11. sows says:

    sows! talaga lang ha. kya pala sa dami ng tyms n ngkikita tayo wl lang pansinan! wapak!

    sabagay, we’re not kids anymore! huLOLs. :P

  12. Awesome story. Ang cool nung bata. haha

  13. lio loco says:

    eh anong movie naman yun? pwedeng pahiram ng kopya? at ano ang pangalan ng makulit na batang bulilit? XD

  14. Dorm Boy says:

    Minsan we learn to strangers and sometimes strangers learn also from us. Nakakatuwa naman u found an 8 year-old kid who is willing to ask you about anything. Eureka!

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