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My search for the extent of  the human body’s capacity to withstand its limits has kept me busy the past few days.  And this is only as far as I can go.

Well, yeah, I am really interested in human capacity. I have read in a magazine that there is this 64-year old Duluth woman who fell on the ice. She had her arthritis that kept her from getting up. The woman lay on the snow for hours and her temperature dipped to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. To tell it frankly, her heart stopped beating. The woman should be dead by that time but the doctors revived her; and after then, she is fine. As what Shelley Sperry said, “Medical science is always learning more about how much a body can take.” Yet as Duke University physician Claude Piantadosi notes, “At some point it’s impossible to rescue yourself.”

Heat in the human body should not exceed a certain degree. If the body’s temperature hits 107.6 degrees Fahrenheit, heatstroke cannot be reversed and will prove fatal. Same goes for cold water.  As water saps body heat, human would last barely 30 minutes in a 40 degree Fahrenheit sea.  A life vests would help though as it slow heat loss.  Hotness of air also affect man’s anatomy.  On a deep mine or a burning building, adults can take 10 minutes at 300 degree Fahrenheit.  Children soon succumb in a 120 degrees inside the car.  And then there is loss of air which proves fatal in high altitude.  Consciousness would fade for most.  For highland dwellers who have bigger lungs and more red blood cells, they have mastered living in high places, but for someone like me, I’ll probably die of loss of oxygen.  One can only go as high as 15,000 feet, but much higher than that, you have to be a superhero.

Pressure in deep water without equipment, many would black out before two minutes below 60 feet.  The best free diver made it to 282 feet. Well, I can’t even go as low as 6 feet. You can only sustain your body for 11 minutes with lack of oxygen. Actually, 2 minutes will make you pass out.  With training, people can hold their breath nearly 11 minutes. The next minute, you’ll hold it forever. Well, actually, I have to advertise about Diazepam. It is a drug that is marketed as Valium in medical industry. It actually reduced tension and anxiety. It is commonly used for treating seizures, insomnia, muscle spasms, and alcohol withdrawal.

Okay, back to human limitations. Next one is blood loss, you can only survive after spilling 30 percent of your blood.  At 40 percent, you would need an immediate transfusion. I remember I donated a bag of blood to Red Cross, I bet I donated 50 percent of my blood cause I wasn’t able to work productively that time. On starvation, a person would lose 30 percent of his body weight and death is imminent. One can only go as far as 45 days, though disease will likely kill a person before he starve himself.. to death. But water is more important in maintaining a healthy body. Our cell needs water. We should replace the quart or so that we lose  everyday, or we won’t last much more than a week.  Seven days without water means death.  [10/30/10 > I think I should reveal this one.] Well, you know what, I congratulate you for reading this far. I truly do. I am curious if my readers are really reading my post/s until the end so I have to think of a boring subject and make it look like an advertisement. So yes, I do congratulate you for reading this far. But since I need to know if you do read my post/s until the very end, I’ll be giving you instructions. First, do not comment about the photo below. If you already commented and read this too late, it’s okay. It just means that it’s your reflex that ought you to comment first before reading the whole article. That’s okay. Now, to know if you have read the whole article, these are the directions you need to follow. Firstly, do not comment that there is an instructions on this certain article. I’ll delete that of course. Secondly, on your first sentence, you have to write any color. Tell me that you are a green-minded or you are feeling blue or your socks are red. On your second sentence, you have to state any part of a house. Yes, a window or a kitchen or a bedroom. ~It’s your choice. So your first paragraph will consist of only two sentences. On your second paragraph, state what mood you are in. No number of sentences required. Storytell what your mood is right now. Again, do not comment about the picture. That’s it, I guess. You can actually stop reading and start commenting below. You can drink Valium or Zoloft whatever your choice is. Any medications even if it is anti-inflammatory or anti-depressant. As I said above, Diazepam is used to treat symptoms of acute withdrawal, anxiety and insomnia. It is used as a premedication for inducing anxiolysis, sedation and even amnesia before certain medical procedure.

Well, according to Wikipedia, Diazepam was the second benzodiazepine to be invented by Dr. Leo Sternbach of Hoffmann-La Roche, following chlordiazepoxide (Librium) which was approved for use in 1960. Released in 1963 as an improved version of Librium, diazepam became incredibly popular, helping Roche to become a pharmaceutical industry giant. It is two and a half times more potent than its predecessor, which it quickly surpassed in terms of sales. After this initial success, other pharmaceutical companies began to introduce other benzodiazepine derivatives.

Well, why is there a picture here? I am actually experimenting: What can you say about the photo below?

I should have long given my thanks to these people, who reads, namely:  Mark/Coolwater, Ella, Bxjubahji, Vajarl, Taribong, Yuuki-Chan, Mar, Allen, Kulisap, Timangkey, Orville, Mr. Nonsense, Superlolo, Toni, and Jowyow.

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    • Ax says:

      Woah, nagmadali. Mali email address at mali ang sfelling ng ‘base’ pero syempre, I salute you! At yun ay dahil nakabase ka!

      Actually, dito natin mate test kung ikaw nga ang ‘tunay’ na naka-base! ;]

  1. jason says:

    ok.. una nakakatakot yung accident na yon! naalala ko nga dati natusok ako ng sinusunog naming test tube. nagdugo tapos sabi ng teacher baket ka namumutla. hahaha!!

    yung picture gumamela ba yan?

    • Ax says:

      Nope Jezon, Anthurium yan. Flowers for funeral.. pero alam mo, yan yung bulaklak sa Pizza Hut. Katakot.

      Ayaw ko na kumain sa Pizza Hut. Argh!

      • Hahaha! Anthurium nga yan Ax, pero di naman yan bulaklak na para lang sa patay… Hahahaha!

        Sorry, natawa ako dun… Kasi I used to walk along anthurium plantations… Na-associate ko tuloy… Iba-iba ang kulay nila, commonest ang red… :) I think I have a picture of workers carrying long stalks of these in their shoulders stashed somewhere, taken before my blogging days…

        Nice pic Ax…

        At napakamedical ng post mo… :) At may instructions pa on how our *** should be… Obviously di ko sinunod…. :)

        Nauna akong humingi ng libreng pakain mula sa yo! :)

        • jason says:

          hala di nga!! sa pizza hut!!!

          ay oo nakakita na ko nyan sa burol ng lolo ko. may ganyang bulaklak.

          • Ax says:

            Yep, se Pizze Het yen. Kaso nung nagpunta tayo last time, eh, walang ganyan. Iniiba iba rin siguro nila yung nilalagay nila sa table nila. Kase minsan, mga pasta na di pa luto yung nandun sa mga tables. Pero wala pa akong nakita na gumamela yung nilagay nila dun.

            At di pa rin naman ako nakakita ng bulaklak ng malunggay na design sa table nila! Oha, oha!

        • Ax says:

          Nauna ka nga humingi ng pagkain.. pero ang labanan ngayon yung nahuli! Aw.

          Uy, asterisk asterisk asterisk mode muna Kuya Mark ha. Alam mo na! Hehe. Ayan, dahil di ka sumusunod sa medications, ikaw dapat talaga ang manlibre. Okay lang naman sa akin kahit Jollibee lang. ;]

          Teka lang, may nagbibigay ba ng anthurium sa girlfriend niya tapos may sash. Aw. Grabeng boyfriend naman yun. ;] Oo nga, may white din na anthurium. Sana may blue at green rin!

  2. cJoyz says:

    settings mo ax?

    • Ax says:

      Nakakahiya naman. Baka mali mali pa ang sabihin ko..! Aw. Actually, one of the first shots yan kaya di ko alam. Yan yung kinabukasan umalis ako ng bahay dala dala yung camera. Pero feeling ko, Aperture-Priority yan. May background light kase yan tapos iniba iba ko yung settings. Kung gusto mo makita yung other photos, sige i-ups ko sa FB para makita mo. Mababang ISO tapos yung aperture baba(?) din ata. Aw, di ko actually maexplain. Hehe.

  3. mariaellabhi says:

    I wore orange shoes when I ran to the bonifacio street an hour ago. After that, I sat in the wooden sofa that my father bought, which was once placed in the dining area, but thank goodness, it is in sala and near the TV now.

    I was happy and delighted to see runners in the high street a while ago. But there was this once that I’ve ran with a total stranger, and he said that he works for an advertising agency. But when he saw my phone – the phone is nokia 3310 – he just laughed out loud. I was mad at him kasi he just mocked my mode of communication.

    • Ax says:

      This one also. Di ko expected na magco comment ka ha! Bat di mo nilagay yung multiply blog mo?! Natuwa naman ako at happy ka at delighted na magjogging sa High Street. Ako rin, nagjo jog kaso midnight jogging. Yun kase yung pinaka okay na sched sa akin kapag pm shift. Hehe.

      Oist, di ko talaga expected! As in di ko expected at di ko matanggap! Haha.

    • Ax says:

      Sorry about the above comment, back on topic– I guess– blacklist him as your jogging mate. Let him see that your cellphone’s ring could crash a whole second floor (leave the restrooms intact though).

      Tired and sleepy. That’s what I am now. I washed out and worn out. Akso Rojas is gonna hit the bed in a minute! Aw, I’ma watch Naruto’s latest episode first!

  4. bxjubahji says:

    you know what ax, awhile ago i was in total awe that my gray shirt turned white. i was looking at my ceiling here on my attic, and then a lightning flashed on my window and i realized im in the bathroom.

    im goofy now, probably euphoric, because there’s a party here in my hometown. it’s odd and it’s cool that people here still value culture despite america had long embraced the advancement of technology. yeah, i don’t want to lose holloween or even martin luther king day. it’s refreshing. culture and love for science and religion at the same time. ow, did i told you that i’m feeling a bit extravagant and a hell of excited?! this feeling. it’s wonderful.

    • Ax says:

      Ya’know what, Bx, my bedroom lights turned off right now, it’s raining outside and there’s no lightning– all thunder on this night’s black and cloudy sky. All sounds and all shivers running on my spine while I waited patiently, here on my bedroom, to load every page of the sites I try to visit, but to no avail– it’s forever.

      I’m scared.. No, not really. I actually love this fear enveloping my soul right now. It accompanies me. It gives me some strength. Yeah, just like the song said, this fear is something I call a friend.

      • bxjubahji says:

        Silver strings and golden teeth. All scattered on the floor.

        This is because I am patient. Yeah, I am proud of myself. I’ll be back here again tomorrow just to see some other people’s comment about the photo.

        • Ax says:

          Silver strings of your guitar and golden teeth of gramp’s false teeth. All them scattered on the roof.

          I believe patience is a gift– to be able to wait for the right time. To be able to wait for your own time. And to be able to wait for someone’s own time. I am proud of you that you are proud of yourself! We are proud and we are awaiting the photo comments!

  5. Vajarl says:

    White soldiers. I just finished reading Choke by Chuck Palahniuk and I can’t get over him gunning his white soldiers in the wall, haha.

    I don’t really know why, but I am feeling a little down lately. I guess I haven’t had the chance to talk to some of my closest friends because of the long weekend. They probably are off to somewhere with their families and all. And I am stuck face to face with my laptop.

    • Ax says:

      Honestly, I am not expecting this Vajarl. I thought of it awhile ago, may be NOT Vajarl. Yep, seryoso. Pinagdudahan ko talaga ang kakayahan mo. Haha. Joke lang.

      Sorry, sorry. Di pa ako makadalaw. Aw. I have sent screen shots to Globe about traceroute experiments na ginawa ng kuya ko sa mga sites na hindi mapuntahan. Hopefully, magawan na nila ng paraan ang problema ko sa inet. Hehe. Rest assured, dahil dito, dadalawin talaga kita pagdating ko sa opis. Dun lang kase ako nakakapagnet at nakakadalaw sa lahat ng sites.. syempre, except porn. Hehe.

    • Ax says:

      On a serious note, I think I am jaded and flesh out. Five minutes ago, I am on the garage, looking at our fishes and woah, one of the fishes does not have eyes– kind of creepy– but true.

      I don’t know what to feel. The fish’s eyes have been eaten by another fish. Depressing, I think.. But it’s kind of cool. First time I saw a fish without eyes. I’ma gonna take some photos!

      • Vajarl says:

        Wait, so you were in the garage. Was it your garage or somebody else’s? I am more surprised with you being surprised that there were fishes there if it was your garage.

        And fishes eat each others eyes? I mean, I can think of a lot of things I could eat from another fish if I was a fish, but eyes? Too gory for me.

        Boss! Beng beng beng! :p

        • Ax says:

          Our aquarium is on our garage. ;] We have an aquarium, managed by my Dad.

          At oo, yung isang malaking goldfish nangangain ng mga mata. Sabi ng kapatid ko: Alam mo, kakapakain ko ng garapata diyan sa mga isda, feeling nila, lahat ng itim (referring to pupils of the eyes), eh, akala nila garapata!


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  7. Wolf says:

    Una: Disclaimer that this not a medical advice or anything that this should be tried at home (whatever that is)

    wala lang, natutunan ko lang yun sa kgb (US SMS info provider)

    Pangalawa: may distracting element. Hanapin mo :)
    Once you saw one, hindi na maalis yung baling ng mata sa part ng picture na yun kaya nasisira ang composition.

    Pangatlo: katawa ang mode of communition ( comment section )

    • Wolf says:

      Edit: should NOT be done at home

      (in WNP now. Waiting for my flight)

      • Ax says:

        Arf arf kayo.

        Mag-enjoy lang kayo ni Amiah at ni Yohan at ni Bambi diyan. Wala na talaga akong pera eh. Hehe.

        Magkikita kita naman tayo by the end of June, so dun na lang tayo bonding. ;]

  8. taribong says:

    Dark blue. Lying on the carpet infront of the television set.
    Tired and somber. Hope it’d get better. Have a very good day, Ax!

    • Ax says:

      For a second, I thought of Sirius Black. And thought of Harry while he walked the stairs of the Griffindor house.

      Have a good day also, Kuya Bong! I’m worn out, too. Had gone to Taft and Hidalgo yesterday. This morning, I have gone to Market Market. I was not able to do the laundry today. Aw.

  9. busyokology says:

    ganda ng kuha mo ax. ang ganda rin ng kulay. parang kuha ng PRO..naks

    • Ax says:

      May flaws nga eh. Di ko alam yung some areas na black sa flower pero wala akong post production diyan. Yung paglalagay lang ng watermark at resize ng picture. Hehe.

  10. yuuki-chan says:

    Immersed in the shades of gray. I have this sudden urge to flee the scene and spend my waking hours at the terrace overlooking the ocean.

    I’m a current mix of sad-confused-bored-hungry-hoping-longing. Yet with all of those emotions, I feel strangely empty.

    • Ax says:

      It took me 12 golden hours to reply to this one! ;]

      Hi Yuuki, I didn’t expect that a first-time reader on my blog, specifically on this article is patient! Gujab!

  11. taympers says:

    brown. naked. in front of pc. I feel freedom. yes, a total freedom and madness. dont get me wrong, please.carefree.

    i know this is not that humour blog that i am fond of, but why the hell out of me i find my self laughing out of nowhere while reading your entry. i believe this is not a pattern of any mental and psychological abnormalities of mine. i bet you, im fucking normal entity. back to the topic, yes, i laughed about your entry. because this as per the title says, it is a paid advertisement pero you talked about human anatomy or whatsoever that going beyond the line of Diazepam, you didnt even indicate kung ORAL ba yan o SUPPOSITORY (pun intended) at kung anong klaseng gamot yan, i hope im wrong pero at the very least binasa ko ultimo tuldok ng entry mo. wala akong nakitang magbibigay sa akin ng urge para bilihin yan at magparesita kasi kelangan ko yan sa ngayon. oo maniac ako este insomniac ako.

    at tungkol dyan sa picture picture na yan, napakalungkot ng kulay. at mas kapansinpansin pa talaga para sa akin yang name tag ng pic kesa dun sa subject. ano ba ang theme, bulaklak sa ilalim ng buwan? ay teka buwan nga ba yun o sindi ng sigarilyo ni noynoy (yellow kasi e).

    at napakahimalang magko-comment ako ng ganito kahaba ano? di bale frend naman tayo sa epbi.

    isa pang koment, baka pwede mong liitan yong tag name ng bawat photo mo, nababawasan kasi ng substance ang subject lalo na yong photo mismo. wag kang mag-alala, walang magtatangkang magnanakaw ng intellectual rights mo.

    at bilang panghuli, pwede mo bang maiboto si jovit baldivino, just type PGT JOVIT send to 2331 for globe, tm and sun. alam ko globe ang network mo kaya hindi na ako magpapagod na sabihin sa yo na 231 naman para sa smart. yun lang. salamat.

    • Ax says:

      Sorry na, sorry na. Kahit malaki yung watermark at mukhang bastos yung picture!

      Oo nga. Mukha ngang binasa mo pati yung tags. Ayos naman. Ngayon ka lang nagcomment ng pagkahaba haba at talagang dibdiban ang advertise kay Jovit ha. Yun ang usapan sa FB kahapon pero out-of-place ako kase di na ako nakakapanood ng TiBi. Hehe.

      Parang tanga lang yung post ko no?! Nyahaha!

  12. Allen says:

    I love Green. That’s why I love your template. Im at the terrace right now, reading your blog.

    Im feeling lonely. Buong araw akong nagkukulong sa bahay. Malapit na kasi ang pasukan. Lulubus-lubusin ko na. wahahaha!

    Anyway, kuya Ax, remember that book you told me about? Yung bout sa creative writing? Tinatamad kasi ako maghanap sa archives mo. haha. Kahapon I bought a book entitled Fundamentals of Creative Writing by Cecilia Brainard. Yun ba yun? Kasi after the Character topic, may activities at nabasa ko yung write about the sunset in different moods. Naalala kita. Yun ba yun? If yes, then I’m definitely going to do the exercise. Gusto ko din matuto. hahaha.

    Nagbalik ulit ako. :))

    • Ax says:

      Green minded. Nagbabago bago naman ang colors ng template ko eh! ;] Hehe. Oist, pasukan na naman pala Allen, yakang yaka mo yan. Third year ka na ba o graduating?

      Noon, pag tinatanong ako kung gra-graduate na ako, ang lagi kong sagot: Hopefully. Hehe.

      Yep, yun nga yown! Feeling ko yun nga yung book na yown. Wow, binili niya. Ako kase di ko binili. Pabasa basa lang pag nadadaan sa mga bookstores. So, kamusta ang creative writing natin? Hehe. Nabasa ko nga sa status mo sa FB tungkol diyan! Sige, sulat lang ng sulat!

      Nagbalik ka! Ico copy paste ko ba yung sinulat ko kay Poot sa pagbabalik niya? Sige na nga. Hehe.

    • Ax says:

      Today, beside celebrating the 112th independence of the Philippines, I humbly welcome a blogger’s comeback in the blogosphere.

      For our Republic’s birthday is as significant as a blogger’s return, I do hereby signed a state ceremonial for the coming back of Tsilspat blog and the Nearly Defunct Blog of Allen Yu.

      And so stipulated between Ax Realm and the Republic of the Philippine Bloganity.

      I hereby pronounce Jubert’s and Allen’s return.

      • Allen says:

        Ay bakit ganun? Nag-iiba iba? Blue-green naman ang template mo ngayon. At ngayon ko lang napansin. wahahaha! bobo ko naman. :)))))

        Yep! Graduating na ko, hopefully. hahahaha. Last 11 subjects nalang for this year. Daming allowance para sa mga retake. wahahaha!

        Ah oo. Binili ko kahapon kasi naghahanap ako ng mapagkakaabalahan. E nung mabasa ko kanina yung activity, naisip ko yung sinabi mo. haha. Nasa Conflict na ko. :D

        Hahahahaha. Official Statement ba yan kuya? :))))))))))

        • Ax says:

          Huwaw, karir ang photography, blogging, writing, video making.. ano pa? Saan pang larangan ang papasukin mo? Pag-aartista? Yakang yaka mo na yang 11 subjects na yan. Dati nga natatakot pa ako baka hindi makagraduate, alam mo na, maraming prof ang nanunurprise. ;]

          At oo. Official statement yan! Ginawa ko ng holiday yung date.

          • Allen says:

            susunod susubukan ko mag-gym tapos mountain-climbing. susubukan ko naman yung mga hobby na di masyado gumagamit ng utak. wahahahaha!

            ah oo. yan din ang kinakabahan ko. At lalo na kapag graduation na at saka mo nalaman na may prof kang hindi nagpasa ng grade sheet. goodlak naman pag nagkataon. haha. nangyari na ba yun sayo?

            tsaka kelangan ba kumpleto ang mga past regi? may mga nawala na ako e. :))))

            • Ax says:

              Fortunately fortuner, hindi naman nangyari sa akin yan.

              Nope, ayos lang kahit di kumpleto yung regi basta wag mo iwala classcards para may proof ka pag wala kang grade. Hehe.

              Kumpleto naman ang regi ko at classcards pero ang mahalaga ay yung classcards dahil pag nagpavalidate ka ng grades habang wala pang TOR, kailangan yung mga cc!

  13. melody says:

    i love the picture of the flower..soo nice!!!

  14. dong ho says:

    konting taasan ang iso. pero ayos na rin naman kung medyo mysterious ang pakay mo.

    • Ax says:

      Mababa nga ang ISO ne’to pero naka-flash na! ;]

      Di ko maalala kung ano talaga ang settings. Hehe, kase one of the first shots ‘to. Ang alam ko lang, apperture, pero mukhang nakamanual, eh hindi pa ako marunong gumamit ng manual that time.. actually hanggang ngayon. Hehe.

  15. J. Kulisap says:

    Dilaw ang kulay ng aking mundo. Sana sa dilaw na ‘yon, maging payapa ako.

    Nasa salas lamang ako pero iba na ang tinatakbo ng aking isip, nais kong lakbayin ang kalawakan, kasabay ng mga kulisap at ibong nagliliparan.

    Hindi ko maipaliwanag ang aking nararamdaman ngayon. Magkano ba ang gamot na iyan Akso?


    Hindi lamang pampatay ang Anthurium, ang totoo mas maganda pa siya kaysa sa rosas, parang matagal malanta, mas may pakinabang.

    • Ax says:

      Ayos lang naman ako. Eto, lie-low sa ibang activities dito sa blogosphere. Busy ako sa ibang curricular activities. Hehe. Pero, siguro ayos din yon kase may problem yung connections ko ngayon. Hindi ako makadalaw sa ibang sites. That’s why. Nakakainis at tatlong help representatives na ang humawak sa akin. Haha. ;]

      Ayos ah, at mahilig ka nga ata magbasa. You know what I mean!

  16. Len says:

    all i can say is.. so galing! :-)

  17. salbehe says:

    Hindi ako nagbabasa ng mga paid advertisemant, naiinggit kasi ako. Bakit kayo pinapayagan mag-ad?

    Ang masasabi ko sa picture ay.. kinilig ako. Parang may tungkod na nakatusok sa bulaklak. Yey!

  18. timangkey says:

    Naiisip ko ay Birdie (berdee). Nakikita ko yan usually sa kubeta.

    Naalala ko ung nest, ne-excite tuloy ako.hahaha Kasi namimiss ng Birdie ung Nest.


    • Ax says:

      Haha. Wag ka mag-alala.. Magkikita ulit si Birdie at si Nest. Aw!

      • timangkey says:

        that was a neat trick. you can see who really are into the articles.hahaha i did meet the requirements right? =P

        • Ax says:

          Yup, you did get it right! You are actually one of those who followed the instructions! Of course, yours with riddles and humour.

          No worries! When I saw the restroom, I stared at the word in parenthesis.. and then found it. Swak na swak nga eh. Birdie. Tapos when translated to english is green.

          And what a coincidence, green minded moment ako nung nabasa ko! Hehe.

  19. .poOt! says:

    Haha, that’s the way to do it. Sobrang awesome nung pic, no seriously. Parang very serene. And the small light just adds to the drama. Yahooo!

    Pero it reminded me of something nasty, haha.

    • Ax says:

      Yeah, I wanted that little light to capture some attention. I don’t want to put all the fame to the anthurium itself kaya tsaraan!

      And yeah also. It reminded me of something nasty.

      Something with sexual innuendos. Yay.

  20. Vajarl says:

    Boss! Asan na yang Globe na yan papagulpi ko na sa mga alagad mo. Haha.

  21. orville says:

    ngayon ay black ang kulay ng damit ko kasi eto ang una kong nakita. favorite ko namang part ng bahay ang window kasi basta.. haha..

    medyo masaya kasi ako ngayon kaya nasasabi ko ang mga bagay na to..

    musta na ax.. nagbabalik lang sa hopping.

    • Ax says:

      Uy, ayos lang! ;] Kahit matagal kang nawala, ayos na ayos ang pagbabalik mo kase alam kong nagbibigay ka ng oras para sa mga binabasa mo! Ayun oh! Haha.

      Ayos lang ako. Eto, medyo may giyera pa rin ako sa internet ko! Pero ayos na ayos lang! ;] Kaw? Kamusta na ang isang Orville?

      • orville says:

        haha eto ayos pa rin..
        at ano namang giyera meron jan? pwede sumali? haha

        dami pa rin naming dapat gawin.. dis thursday mamimigay kami ng mga school supplies sa mga underprivileged na mga bata sa isang elementary school dito sa amin.. eto masaya pa rin ang isang orville.. committed na sa kawang gawa..

        kaw? sa facebook lagi kong nababasa ang mga status mo..

        • Ax says:

          Ayos yan at ayos ka, Orville! Dami mong lakad at puro charity work! Tsk. Papagawan na talaga kita ng higanteng estatwa dela monumento dahil sa mga mabubuting loob na paggawa mo! Yey.

          Sige lang, tulong lang ng tulong. Babalik yan sa’yo. Hehe.

          Yung mga status ko, twitter lang yon. Minsan gamit lang ang phone. Di na ako masyado nag e-FB. Halos yung mga status ko, either twitter o blip. Talagang naka connect sa FB kaya parang nagf FB na rin ako. Binubuksan ko na lang yon to check some messages. Hehe. Ayun, sobra kase yung FB sa pagnakaw ng oras ko kaya di ko na masyado ginagamit. Hehe.

          • orville says:

            ah c.. hehe.. oo nga naman tama ka .. grabe kumain ng oras ang fb at guilty ako doon kasi lagi akong naka online.. at tungkol naman sa kawang gawa kasi lifestyle na namin yan ngayon.. wala lang.. masaya kasi at kakaiba ang experience pag ganun. there are so many people na nanganggailangan ng tulong.. basta nakakaawa sila.. mabuti nga tayo ok pa..

            thanks ax.. encourage ako.. hehe

            nakakapagod ang ganitong klaseng gawain pero eto talaga ang meaning ng life..

            with regards naman sa estatwa or monumento, wag na ax.. i convert mo na lang sa cash.. daming nagugutom sa kalye hehe..

  22. her moist pinkish red flesh is now exposed. as she slowy moves her soft body on the grass,
    a cock came closer…
    …and gobbled that poor baby earthworm whole. Mr. Rooster is now happy.

    btw, bakit yang bulaklak na yan ay parang kamukha ni VaJJ—with the extra long hmmmm

    • Ax says:

      Galing, galing. Clap, clap.

      Kahit inaantok na ako, nagreply talaga ako ha! Syempre, para icongratulate ka. Di ko kase ineexpect.

      Pero kulang ng house parts. Wahaha!

    • Vajarl says:

      Binababuy mo nanaman ang mahalimuyak kong pangalan!

      • Ax says:

        Alam mo di ko alam kung strike of luck lang tong comment ni Kuya Jesse. Ano sa tingin mo Vaj? Feeling ko kase hindi niya alam eh, nagkataon lang na ganyan ang comment niya. Haha. It really makes me wonder kung alam ni Kuya Jesse.

        Kaso we can’t deny the ‘pinkish’ term. Hehe.

      • Vajarl says:

        Kinky lang yan si Fafa Jesse. Hahaha. Baka na arouse sya sa flower sa huli kaya inisa isa nya ang words. Ayan! Kungreshemeleyshens na! Haha.

  23. superlolo says:

    Go green for the environment. I love my solar panels on the roof.

    Just feeling tired for working in my projects.

    • Ax says:

      Pahinga muna SuperLolo! Nakakapagod po talaga minsan lalo na pag kailangan tapusin ng agad agaran. Sana lahat ng projects tulad lang ng projects noong elementary! Nyahaha!

  24. lio loco says:

    isn’t it amazing how one can push his own limits? which i why i don’t settle for mediocrity. exceeding expectations, that’s where i’m good at.

    and i don’t exactly know how an anthurium could be related to your post. lols!

  25. sows says:

    teka lng ax maiba ko, remember ung cnbi mong about kina griffin and sabine. now ko lng naalala nung bnbsa ko ung posts ko sa wordpress.

    kc nagaarti ako ngaun at gus2 kong mgbasa ng mga gnon. meron ka? PAHIRAM! salamat.. :lol:

    • Ax says:

      Wala na akong copy on my possession. Galing yun kay Jayr na nakuha niya pa sa UP Library.

      I don’t know kung meron sa ibang libraries, actually, photocopies lang yung binigay sa akin ni Jayr. Try researching about “Griffin and Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence.” Isa yan sa trilogy books ng Griffin and Sabine love affair, baka meron sa internet ng pdf file.

      These are the trilogy books:

      “The Gryphon: In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin and Sabine is Rediscovered (2001)”
      “Alexandria: In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin and Sabine Unfolds (2002)”
      “The Morning Star: In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin and Sabine is Illuminated (2003)”

      • sows says:

        ayows to. sinearch ko xa at natuwa. ang mamahal. hnd kya ng pepal ko. toinks.

        tingnan ko sa powerbooks bka merong cheaper. HAHA.
        SALAMAT ulet. dame ko ng utang sau, chip.. ctf?
        care to fries? :wink:

  26. Vajarl says:

    Anone anone anone? Hapdeeeeyt! Hahaha. :p

  27. Pong says:

    A blessed Father’s Day sa tatay mo kuya ax!

  28. toni says:

    luntian ang paligid habang nakatanaw sa bintana ng aking silid.
    masaya at magaan ang pakiramdam dahil lumipas din ang sanlinggong ulan.

    happy Fathers Day sa lahat ng mga tatay.

  29. coco says:

    ax ax? magandang umaga ax!!!

    shaks thank you daw sa borthday greetings!!!

  30. coco says:

    ax, may hidden ba dyan sa pic???

  31. BNP says:

    5 days to go till the next cycle of Hall of Fame! hurry, invite your friends now to vote for your blog and get a chance to be one of the “sikat” at BNP’s Hall of Fame! :)

  32. Vajarl says:

    Boss! Beng! Beng! Tama na trabaho! Magpapizza ka naman! Haha.

  33. jason says:

    wow ax nakahabol ako yahey

  34. Vajarl says:

    Ay nawala na. May dadagdag sana ko. Haha.

    Boss! Tsuguuum!

    • Ax says:

      Sorry, kailangan na tanggalin para lalong maging exciting! Ayos naman eh, ganda nga ng message mo to your future self! yey!

  35. “And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ.” (Philippians 1:9-10)

    ax, good morning! I’m back. Group hug sa lahat ng andito. Hehehe.

  36. Vajarl says:

    Gising, boss! ALAAAAAAARM! :))

  37. Joyo says:

    Lime Green yung gusto kong kulay ng bedsheet ko. Yun ang naisip ko habang nagkukyutik dito sa kusina.

    Ganito ako pag depress.

    Musta ka na… mukhang bc ka. :D

    • Joyo says:

      anyway ang ganda ng kuha… may naisip ako bigla :lol:

    • Ax says:

      Yep, minamaximize ko lahat ng oras ko sa lahat ng pwede kong matutunan! Hehe. Pero ayos naman ako, nagkataon lang na naging priority ko ang ‘other things’ bukod sa blogging.

      At saka ayos lang, I’m doing some stuff to make over this blog. Nasimulan ko through this article. Then sumunod yung Time Capsule article.

      So ayun. Thanks for reading the artic. ;] Hehe.

  38. Vajarl says:

    Boss, gising! I aalarm uli kita sige! Hahaha.

    Dahil hindi ka nagsusulat, mag babackread ako ng bonggang bongga. Sisimulan ko sa pinakaunang entry! Get rede! *evil laugh*

    • Ax says:

      Aw, salamat kung ganon! Hehe.

      • Vajarl says:

        Nakakatuwa ang old posts mo, ansipag mo pa magsulat non! Puro ka na trabaho ngayon at pag gygym! Hahaha. :)

        • Ax says:

          Hm, if I look at it closely, actually hindi work ang dahilan. Hehe. Eight hours lang ang work ko a day tapos malapit lang ako sa opis. So let’s say 9 hours including travel time papunta sa work.

          I still have 15 hours. I allot eight hours for sleep. Di na ako nag g gym ngayon so wala akong nagagastos na oras sa pag g gym. Hehe, the other seven hours are used on getting inspiration and collecting brain cells na gagamitin ko sa ayun-ang-di-pwedeng-sabihin. Yey.

  39. Hae says:

    My niece was entertained when reading one paragraph on your blog “… really reading my post until the end so I have to think of a boring subject to discuss and make …” it causes me to look more intelligent after learning it.

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