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Face Your Demons, Laugh Like Hell

Someday, you will be facing ‘that’ monster– your demon. The one that is famously called “that thing beneath your bed.” But in reality, the monster isn’t under your bed. Or in your closet. Or behind the curtains. Because it resides in a  place that no one has ever explored to but you.

It resides in your heart. 


All throughout your life– unconsciously– you are feeding this demon with fears and insecurities. By doing so, it has become a parasite eating your fright’s carcasses. And in the bottommost of your heart, it continues to lurk. And it breeds. And it grows.

But most of all, it is silently waiting. Awaiting the day when you are in your most vulnerable state– the moment when you are weak and off guard. This will be the day that your demon will face you. And when that day comes, it will grab you in your neck. Consume you. And devour you. 

Surprisingly, that is also the day you will realize that you have made a creature who will mercilessly annihilate your dreams. Your passion. Your happiness. But that will also be the day that you will have to make a choice. So when that day comes, when you have to face that monster who surfaces from the bottomest of your heart, do not ever, ever face it weak.


How so? How can you not be weak when that day arrives? Simple. Vomit your fears. Do not doubt your ability. Go bungee jumping. Conquer a mountain. Step up. Ask her out for a date. Learn the piano. Forget what people say if you want to wear that crappy hat.

And when the demon stands in front of you, deliver him to hell.

54 Comments to “Face Your Demons, Laugh Like Hell”

  1. mangbadoy says:

    salamat ng marami!!! thanks!

  2. dencios says:

    tama face you fears with full strong heart! :)

  3. K says:

    Looks nice, I want one ha? I thought it meant “failing is better than facing the fear” or is it the same?

    How much do you sell them?

    • Ax says:

      We sell them for P200.00 each! Hehe. But you’re out of the country, sad. I cant sell you one, not unless you want it delivered to Hong Kong which would cost you much.

      So kapag nandito ka sa Manila, bili ka ng shirt namin ha!

  4. emiLaySkie says:

    Nice. Face your demon. I like it. I like the shirts too. Pero pinakagusto ko yung UP toki at ikot. Huhu..

  5. BOMBERO KING says:

    i like the shirts..!

    sosyal ang blog mo..!
    pang mayaman..!

  6. Allen says:

    Wow ang ganda nung wolf! Magkano???

  7. Fauxx says:


    While wearing that shirt, Stand Up Straight!

  8. jayr says:

    ano ka ba Ax, who said I do photoshoots! Gag* ka talaga. Wala na nga akong time sa work plang. Tapos, tapos may advertisement na ganto? lol

    At sabi ko nga sau, edited ang pic na yan since white yung shirt ay diniliman ko na lang.

    kahiya naman sa mga tao sabihin nila, nag-a-advertise pa, ang chaka naman ng pic… lol

    kaya eto ang mga mas okay na links:




  9. dong ho says:

    cool marketing posts. it’s my first time to encounter a blog post who sells shirts. cool! keep the fight.

    optimism should dominate the emo world of today.

  10. cheh says:

    Katuwa yung shirt-Di bale ng manyak hindi naman manhid- hehe cool!

    Hey goodluck to your venture:)

  11. PM says:

    OMG i love these shirts i am definitely getting one and all for P200? what a bargain! this is great. but can you post more photos? thank you! i am definitely going to do marketing for you LOL good luck with the business!

  12. Lionheart says:

    Gusto kong bumili…. Nice shirts…

    hehe :) Lets adventure!

  13. flamindevil says:

    Amen to this!do everything you want as long as you don’t aggravate someone.and never regret anything that made you happy.

  14. elysplanet says:

    salamat sa pagdaan. sige po, idadagdag kita… nagmamadali lang ako ngayon kaya napadaan muna. ingats po.

  15. azul says:

    dalawa sa mga kinakatakutan ko ee heights at mumu..uhmmm keri ko pang harapin ang heights pero ang mumu uhmmm di bale na lang..hehe

    wala bang ibang design yung mga shirts?

  16. Ener says:

    this is a good “theoretical” approach.

  17. bluguy says:

    hmmm what an insight you got here! tama ka one day we will face all our demons….mahirap kasi minsan, we kept on delaying facing them kaya hayun nagiging malala.
    thanks for visiting me.

  18. jeremiah says:

    yay..nakaadd na pala ako sa blogrowl mo..add na din kita.. :D good day!

  19. Mon says:

    Gusto ko yung “Failing is better than keeping the Fear!” Nagdedeliver ba kayo all over the Philippines? ^_^

    BTW, your link has been added to my Friendslist/Favorites ^_^

    Thank you for the nice comment.

  20. Shannen says:

    Ipost nyo naman lahat ng design..

    Ung pix ha! Para pwedeng irefer.

  21. Wolf says:

    wow! ako pala yan!

  22. Fauxx says:

    I reposted this on the multiply account at wolfandagos.multiply.com

  23. livingstain says:

    kala ko ba taga PUP ka.

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