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Rummage Around


You told me long time ago that you just needed someone to talk to… you just desired someplace where you can hide and bury the things you wish to be forgotten. And that you just fancy for a friend.

I still commit to memory when you first ask me what my name is. And I can still picture out– every single breath– I told you that my name is You. How weird you didn’t act in response to that query and that your counter whisk is to smile. May I know how much in extent you really know me because in each degree I move my psyche, you seem to perceive what my thoughts are?

I want to obtain answers from you. Answers that would create lucid facts of who I really am.

Would you be kind enough to bring me back in my world.

Your second personality,



Oblivion ask me to bring back time.

50 Comments to “Rummage Around”

  1. flamindevil says:

    wow.you wrote this?

    it’s good.i read it twice. :p

  2. dencio says:

    after reading i remember the song of coldplay-LOST. i think you can somehow relate. Thanks for droppin sa munti kong bahay. balik ka :) -hisnameisdencios

  3. nanie says:

    wtf!.. ayos insan ah.. luipt ng blog mo..
    pede na .. pede na sa tabloid. counterpart ni Xerex!
    heheh.. kiddin!

  4. jackie robison says:

    post mo din ung sa puno??? ung every morning, the leaves fall…basta gusto ko un ilagay mo dito. demanding. haha.

  5. jackie robison says:

    i like the shoes!

  6. K says:

    Indeed the same theme. I replied to your question via Max blog on banner appearing using search button.

    Go to your search.php file and remove the id code i.e.,

    blog info url/ blog info name

    Where’s the “reply” button btw? Are you using the old version of this theme?

  7. Ax says:

    Ow, nope, i removed the searh button. i am using the new theme actually! But I am not sure either as I dont have the “reply” in my comment section!

  8. Hart says:

    Ax, you never cease to amaze me! You really are our literary editor way back!

  9. Lany says:

    Okay. Did you write this??? :)

  10. jayr says:

    hindi sya naintindihan. maybe too many contradicting elements: title, accompanying graphic, letter-style, schizophrenic as receiver and insanity as sender.

    ang gulo mo alex… XD

  11. theCHAOSPILOT says:

    short but meaty.

    OT. is this another gay post? LOL. i was joking. you never use the pronoun HE or SHE. so, it might be a HE. lol.

  12. Carpte says:

    You really fancy death and insanity. Well, I am just here to wait for a love article.

  13. Greis says:

    Ax, sabi mo ayaw mo sumulat ng mga love articles, bakit naman?!

  14. Vanessa says:

    OMG The shoes are cute I like it…

  15. jayr says:

    u have your google adsense already? mia k b?

  16. jeniffer says:

    haha.. that was a cute insanity,. schizophrenic rules! :)

  17. PM says:

    insanity nga talaga. LOL. how often does insanity visit you ax?

  18. kengkay says:

    basta maganda yung sapatos :D

  19. J.Kulisap says:

    At minsan kapag nais mong maging bingi kahit wala namang tutuli, at nais maging bulag kahit 20-20 vision, yon ay dahil gusto mong maging praning.

  20. Vajarl says:

    Pero hindi ko magets ang kunek ng picture ng pink sapatoses sa post mo. Haha. Yun talaga inintindi enoh.

    Love this one Ax. :)

    • Ax says:

      Haha, walang konek actually. Natuwa lang ako ilagay yung sapatos ng mga pamangkin ko! Hehe.

      Salamat, kaso ang daming maling grammar ne’to. Hehe. Pero salamat!

  21. Krutzo says:

    A man can be destroyed, but not defeated.

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